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SWING NINJAS: My Belle (COCKNEY NUTJOB remix) (2016)

My Belle Swing Ninjas Cockney NutjobLike this version of Swing NinjasMy Belle? That’s because Cockney Nutjob‘s got the ill communication – mainly because he plumps for using a bit of Funkadelic’s You’ll Like It Too break to give the electro-swing original a little bit of funk. This version is one of the recent winners of the My Belle remix comp. and the stoke from that plus the fact that Mr Nutjob as just passed

SWING NINJAS: My Belle – FRESHLY SQUEEZED remix competition (2016)

Swing Ninjas Remix Freshly SqueezedAlright – who likes to swing? No, not that kind – don’t be immature. I’m on about the electro-swing kind. Why? Because label Freshly Squeezed are offering up the stems of Swing Ninjas’ jaunty My Belle for all comers to have a go at. Actually that does sound a bit like the other kind of swinging after all doesn’t it? Although, truth be told, if you’re on a remix tip you don’t even have to be a