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The Attracted EP consists of the last five studio recordings by Mustafa Akbar, lead vocalist for Fort Knox Five, Thunderball and Nappy Riddem as well as vocal collaborator with Basement Freaks (among others), until his untimely passing last year. That he left a huge gap behind goes without saying and this release only provides yet further evidence of the extent of the gap, showcasing

FUNKIN’ BASSTARDS: Return Of The Originals

FUNKIN' BASSTARDS:  Return Of The OriginalsDo not adjust your radio dial, it’s not the 90s coming at you through the ether, just Funkin’ Basstards with their very b-boy friendly new four-tracker Return Of The Originals. Which, as the title suggests, draws its inspiration from a pre-bass wobble-era in which big beat went head to head with the hip-hop underground on dancefloors. The ever reliable Mustafa Akbar appears on the


MUSTAFA AKBAR: Get Down Wit ItNappy Riddem vocalist and sometime Fort Knox Five collaborator Mustafa Akbar strikes out on his own shortly with new single Get Down Wit It, inviting all who will join him (a fair few I’d imagine) to engage in a spot of bass-heavy, twenty-first century update of eighties funk. Such is Get Down Wit It which features muted guitars, swirling synths, insistent drums and the kind of

QDUP feat. MUSTAFA AKBAR: Funk & Dance (2015)

Funk  Dance  QDupFunk & Dance is the latest single from QDup as he makes a song and dance (literally) out of his return to the Fort Knox Recordings label. How does he do this? By getting one other FK regular under a groove – vocalist Mustafa Akbar – and then the pair of them channel George Clinton by way of a bit of twenty-first century funk production. K-Lab and Skiitour are on hand to make sure the public

FORT KNOX FIVE: Pressurize The Cabin EP (2015)

Pressurize The Cabin Fort Knox FiveThe mighty Fort Knox Five are all set to return shortly with a new album LP Pressurize The Cabin. Before they do all that full-length-returning though, the Washington-based breakbeat giants’ll be about some teaser-EP-returning with four specially selected dancefloor cuts (plus instrumentals) from said album – two featuring DC mic manipulator Flex Matthews and two

FORT KNOX FIVE vs. GANG STARR: Who’s Gonna Funk 4 Peace (DC’s finest remix)(2013) Free download

DC’s finest, Fort Knox Five, celebrate the presence of De La Soul’s Maseo at Tropicalia tonight with this pumping mash of the instro version of Gang Starr’s Who’s Gonna Take The Weight (off one of the finest ever hip-hop LPs Step In The Arena ) with the acapella of their very own Mustafa Akbar-featuring number Funk 4 Peace. I’m no seer but I predict that the titular question posed by the result (i.e.