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3 KNIGHTS: Burial Proceedings In The Course Of The Three Knights (2013) Kickstarter campaign

Here’s a big second strike from the Stay On Target crew as they continue their crusade to resurrect the time-buried back catalogue of the UK’s seminal late eighties/ early nineties ragga hip-hop label Music Of Life. This time it’s the pithily-titled classic 3 Knights cut Burial Proceedings In The Course Of The Three Knights. And it’s a beast. No fewer than nine producers enter the lists to take up the

ASHER D & DADDY FREDDY: Raggamuffin Hip-hop (Remixes) (2013)

Back in the day, the Music Of Life label released some seminal UK hip-hop. Fast forward to the present and the brand new Stay On Target label has acquired the rights to remix and release some of these lost classics. And here’s there opening salvo – the remixes of Asher D (no, not that one) and Daddy Freddy’s Raggamuffin Hip-hop which first dropped in 1988. And you thought hip-hop