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Big Fat Mama Breakbeat ParadiseHaving done the ‘old’ (with the retro 90s-ish sound of the Badass Funk EP from earlier in the year), Breakbeat Paradise Recordings now do the ‘new’ assembling a seven-artist strong squad consisting of Discobeta, Mr Rich & Caretaker, Crashgroove, Wiccatron, Funky Boogie Brothers, Rory Hoy and Pulpfusion to take things musically bang-up-to-date with the Big Fat Mama Beats EP – all expectations (as

LIONROCK: Rude Boy Rock (MR RICH & CARETAKER Rude Boy Refix) (2016) Free download

Rude Boy RefixBoom! Here’s a freebie fit for a Friday night! Mr Rich & Caretaker apply the lightest of touches to one of their big beat favourites from back in the day – no less a track than Lionrock’s Rude Boy Rock. Did you know the Skatalites-sampling original once reached the UK top twenty as well as gracing the soundtrack to FIFA ’99? Well, it did so there. Here it gets dusted off and – well slightly

THE PRODIGY: Re-Poison (MR RICH & THE CARETAKER edit) (2015) Free download

Poison Mr Rich CaretakerFrankly I’m surprised this hasn’t been done already although maybe it has and the monkey’s just not bleeding edge enough. Either way, Mr Rich & Caretaker swing by Liam Howlett’s back catalogue in their remix overalls and give one of the monkey’s favourite Prodigy tracks a freshen up. Still recognisable, it now gets going a bit quicker, it’s a bit faster and they’ve chopped it up

MR RICH & CARETAKER: We Be Bodymovin (2015) Free download

We Be Body Movin' Mr Rich CaretakerPerhaps you’ve been short of some action from the back section of late. If so, your wait is over as Mr Rich & Caretaker take on one of the highlights of the Beastie Boys’ Hello Nasty LP with We Be Body Movin’. That they provide A1 sound is beyond doubt though it’s perhaps not what you might call a sound so soothing in all its ghetto/ glitch glory. Indeed uprockin, electro shocking is perhaps more