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BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Volume 5 (2012)

It’s rich pickings among the breaks section of the bass music market this December and Booty Fruit’s stall is no exception. Volume 5 of their Proper Produce series offers quality fare that steers clear of wobble ‘funk’ and vends hip-hop, funk and reggae influenced numbers instead. Mr Fresh, for example, is true to his name keeping things all hip-hop and mo’ fruity. Then there’s Lone Drum’s Minnie which

BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Volume 1 (2012)

They might have shot all their homemade bullets but that doesn’t mean Booty Fruit are out of musical ammunition. Their new series of mash-up material is called Proper Produce and is more than juicy enough to have booty bouncing. And melons come to that. Nice pear. Er – anyway, this new volume features a barrow-load of fresh cuts. Djtzinas and Mr Big style it by layering Screechy