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MR DORIS & D-FUNK: New York Kiss b/w DUNPROOFIN’: Casbah Wonder (Battle Weapons OO1)(Vinyl 7″)

MR DORIS & D-FUNK: New York KissEmbattled party breakbeat DJs take heart; new artillery has arrived in the form of the debut 45 from the Battle Weapons label. On side A, we find Mr Doris & D-Funk pairing an acapella by arguably the greatest MC of all time with an instrumental by arguably the greatest funk band of all time. The resulting blend is every bit the treat you’d imagine – even if its title, New York Kiss, sounds

MR DORIS & DAZZLER: Everything Is Anything

MR DORIS & DAZZLER: Everything Is AnythingMr Doris & Dazzler come through with an irresistable slice of disco here in the shape of their Ghetto Disco debut release Everything Is Anything. The track takes its title from the spoken word Bootsy Collins track of the same name but sets it to a pulsing and hypnotic four-to-the-floor beat. Which is low key enough to provide both enough space for Bootsy to skewer the


MR DORIS & D-FUNK (feat. N'FA JONES & CANTALOUP):  All DownIn the sort of close international collaboration that populist politicians could learn a thing or two from, Mr Doris, D-Funk, N’Fa Jones and Cantaloop come together from the four corners of the globe (well, the UK, Ibiza, Oz and NZ at any rate) for All Down. The result is a highly agreeable hip-hop bump possessed of a mellowness also signally missing from international relations these days

MR DORIS & D*FUNK: Ben E./ Chali Kweli – ‘Lock Shit Down b/w Digable Drippers ‘9th Wonder’ (2014)

Lock Shit Down 9th Wonder Mr Doris D FunkHot on the heels of the label’s Q-Tip/ Eddie Kendricks Vivrant Thing booty drop comes another solid wax double header from 2Dogs Recordings – this time from Mr Doris and D*Funk. No prizes for guessing who the ‘Ben E’, ‘Chali’ and ‘Kweli’ ingredients are for chilled A-side Lock Shit Down nor even for divining the identities of the ‘Digable Drippers’ on the flip’s 9th Wonder. Impeach