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MAKO & MR BRISTOW: ‘Stank Soul Edits. Vol. 1 & Vol. 2’ seven inches (2015)

Resense 041 042 Mako Mr BristowIt’s another ‘no buses for ages and then three come at once’ deal as, breathing down the neck of the forthcoming Resense 040 will be Resense 041 and 042 – not one but two simultaneously released sets of funky soul edits on seven inch wax from Mako & Mr Bristow! I know! Four cuts from the golden era of funk and soul – two well-known; two obscure – re-touched subtly enough

MR BRISTOW: Grey Skies (2015) Free download

Grey Skies Mr BristowGrey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face as Mr Bristow is back with – er – Grey Skies which features the unlikely pairing of the ‘Jazz Age’s’ first ‘crooner’, Rudy Vallee, with one of the hip-hop era’s most successful female rappers, Missy Elliott, over a skippy boom-bap beat. Other reasons to make you smile include the fact that this classy bit of swing-hop is not only free and available as a

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: Supersoul Rock N Roll EP (2015)

Supersoul Rock N Roll EP Mako Mr BristowBristol-to-London pairing Mako & Mr Bristow follow-up their own previous EPs on Breakbeat Paradise (Mako with The Hawk and Mr Bristow with Benny Silver) by dropping a brand, spanking, new 4-track EP of funk-soul-hip-hop-party breaks shortly – tracks off which have been getting much love from Craig Charles of late. They should probably get someone they know well


Funk Bananas BBPWho said big beat was dead? Certainly not Badboe’s label Breakbeat Paradise Recordings which presides over this very big-beat-tastic bunch of fifteen Funk Bananas which features the work of a select cadre of the label’s roster of artists. Step forward Pulp Fusion, Morlack, Discobeta, ElectroGorilla, Mr Bristow, SBK, Crashgroove, Rory Hoy and Wiccatron but mainly the latter seven

MR BRISTOW: Ringooh (2015) Free download

Ring Oooh Mr BristowAbout fifteen years ago De La Soul dropped the Redman-featuring Oooh which was accompanied by a video featuring an extended and apparently Oz-inspired dream sequence. Fast forward to now and Mr Bristow‘s lifted the ‘pella for some new booty action. But where to chop out a beat from? Who in the pantheon of pop might have a suitably psychedelic cv and extended experience in

MR BRISTOW: Ragga Rainbow (2015) Free download

Ragga Rainbow Mr BristowZIPPY (off 70s/ 80s UK kids’ TV show Rainbow – for it is he – peeling a banana): One skin, two skin, three skin – er – four-
GEORGE (loveable camp hippo off same): Zippy – wh-wh-wh-where’s Bungle?
ZIPPY: I think Geoffrey’s trying to get him up!
No prizes for guessing what a track called Ragga Rainbow is about for surely it features a comedy

MR BRISTOW: Beastie Bam (2015) Free download

Beastie Bam Mr BristowI thought it had been too quiet in the Mr Bristow camp recently, but that’s all ok now because he’s back with a bam. A Beastie Bam no less. And for pure booty fun it’s hard to top as he crafts a beat out of a song originally intended as an anti-war protest and negotiates (see what I did there) the tricky task of matching classic Beastie rhyme business over that. There’s really very little else to

MR BRISTOW: Breathe & Sob (2015) Free download

Breathe  Sob Mr BristowIt pretty much wouldn’t be a month without a free download from Mr Bristow and here he is with Breathe & Sob which is likely to be the reaction of any mods who hear this, a typically Bristow-ish wobble blend of Q-Tip’s biggest solo hit and Question Mark & The Mysterians’ biggest hit. Not only is it free but the title’s also a fantastic bit of tabloid-style punning that manages a semi-

MR BRISTOW: Funky Fresh Xmas Mix (2014) Free download

Funky Fresh Xmas Mix Mr BristowMr Bristow gives the phrase “Ho, ho, ho” a completely different meaning with this, his Funky Fresh Xmas Mix. For some people, Christmas hip-hop may mean Run DMC’s Christmas In Hollis (no, that’s not on here – this isn’t a fucking Argos advert) and – er – that’s it. Yet Kurtis Blow, Soul Saints, Scoopy, Spyder D, Los Busy Boys and Cold Chillin Juice Crew are all among many acts to have

MR BRISTOW: Just Walk (2014)

Fused Funk 5 Mr BristowRating: ★★★★★ Just Walk is the latest from master of many styles, Mr Bristow, who kicks off the latest Funk Fusion offering, Fused Funk Vol. 5 with a gloriously massive swing-tinged ghetto-glitch-funk banger. It’s got all the right junk in all the right places – a funky crashing breaks, heavy on the cymbals, frequency-bending mutant bass wobble that can level a city block, furious scratching when