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MAKO & MR BRISTOW: Mojan Edits: Uptight Boss b/w Beg For A Dollar (Vinyl 7″)

Aaaand this is what happens when people mistake the ‘stank’ in Stank Soul Edits for ‘skank’. It sets Mako & Mr Bristow to thinking – ‘What would a ‘skank soul edit’ sound like’? Maybe a riddim from back when rocksteady was morphing into ‘boss reggae’ on a Toots/ Upsetters/ Trojan tip and maybe pair that with a classic American soul vocal? You know – like as if Berry Gordy had

MR BRISTOW: Xmas Mix 2020

MR BRISTOW: Xmas Mix 2020It has been a shitty year hasn’t it? Global pandemic, movement curtailed, holidays cancelled, jobs lost, and presiding over the whole mess, a flailing and nakedly corrupt government. Still at least there’s always a pub or a club to go to. Oh wait, no, can’t go to those either. What everyone needs is cheering up! We need to escape from reality (at least temporarily) and return to

MR BRISTOW: Brex-mas Mix-Up 2019

MR BRISTOW: Brex-mas Mix-Up 2019Mr Bristow’s Christmas mix has become something of an annual seasonal fixture on MB over the last five years so now that it is actually 1 December (and notwithstanding the fact that retail stores and TV seem to have been pushing the festive period since 1 September) here is…the 2019 Brex-mas Mix-Up! Bit controversial Mr B – but tell us what voters – er – I mean listeners can expect.  Sorry –

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: Stank Soul Edits Vol. 5 (Vinyl 7″)

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: Stank Soul Edits Vol. 5Happily, there’s not been such a long gap between Mako & Mr Bristow releases this time as they deliver Stank Soul Edits Vol. 5 a mere six months after the sold-out and subsequently re-pressed Stank Soul Edits Vol 4.  For the new 45, the pair present you with A-side, Funky Diggin,’ which re-imagines a little known soul-rocker from a certain bunch of stoned soul picnickers as a mightily funky dancefloor-friendly diggers’ anthem.  Meanwhile


MR BRISTOW feat. PHIL RAMOCON: Dangerous If you’ve ever wondered what the consequences of becoming Drunk On Funk are, wonder no longer – it makes you Dangerous. That’ll be the name of the new one from dancefloor slayers Mr Bristow and singer Phil Ramocon then. The follow-up to their 2015 EP, the track is a windmilling funk original which fuses synth, bass and vocal nods to 80s with punchy party breakbeats and a tale of a

MR BRISTOW: Chinese Kung Fu Money (Free download)

MR BRISTOW:  Chinese Kung Fu Money (Free download)Here we go then – a new year and a fresh free download for y’all from none other than the generously free-spirited Mr Bristow in the form of his Chinese Kung Fu Money booty. And what do you say to that? That’s right – you say, “Banzai!” (yes, I know, that’s Japanese) for it is nothing less than a fusion of 70s band Banzai’s martial arts-themed Chinese Kung Fu cut with Charli

MR BRISTOW: Festive Funkathon 2018

MR BRISTOW:  Festive Funkathon 2018It’s become something of a tradition at MB Towers that cometh the Yuletide season, cometh Mr Bristow with a festive mixtape so it was no surprise when he appeared on the monkey’s virtual doorstep brandishing his Festive Funkathon 2018 mix and grinning like a cheeky Victorian street urchin. As well he might, given that said mix might well be the soundtrack for all your

MR BRISTOW: Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download

MR BRISTOW:  Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download“Daaaaad! Santa’s been!”
“What time is it you little pest? Christ it’s four in the morning! Get back into bed until the time’s in double figures!”
“More turkey dear?”
“No you’re alright – that last bit was like chamois leather.”
“Here you go love.”


MORONGROOVER & MR BRISTOW:  Ghetto Disco EPGents – time to get your three-piece flared-leg suits on; ladies – time to hit the wardrobe for a jersey wrap because Morongroover and Mr Bristow are shortly to go large with their Ghetto Disco EP on Breakbeat Paradise! The pair set out with the intention of funking you up till you boogie down and with opener I Like It Like That it’s Soul Train Disco Night manoeuvres from the off. Then

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: ‘Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3’ (Vinyl 7″)(2017)

MAKO & MR BRISTOW:  'Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3' 7Looks like the cat is already out of the bag on this one so little reason to hang fire about the fact that Mako & Mr Bristow are to follow up their mighty double 7 inch 2015 Resense edit drops with a Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3 45 (Resense 043) early this autumn. This time around the pair dig-up an old southern soul ballad on the one hand and a late-night love song on the other, re-flipping them as