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MR BRISTOW: Chinese Kung Fu Money (Free download)

MR BRISTOW:  Chinese Kung Fu Money (Free download)Here we go then – a new year and a fresh free download for y’all from none other than the generously free-spirited Mr Bristow in the form of his Chinese Kung Fu Money booty. And what do you say to that? That’s right – you say, “Banzai!” (yes, I know, that’s Japanese) for it is nothing less than a fusion of 70s band Banzai’s martial arts-themed Chinese Kung Fu cut with Charli

MR BRISTOW: Festive Funkathon 2018

MR BRISTOW:  Festive Funkathon 2018It’s become something of a tradition at MB Towers that cometh the Yuletide season, cometh Mr Bristow with a festive mixtape so it was no surprise when he appeared on the monkey’s virtual doorstep brandishing his Festive Funkathon 2018 mix and grinning like a cheeky Victorian street urchin. As well he might, given that said mix might well be the soundtrack for all your

MR BRISTOW: Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download

MR BRISTOW:  Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download“Daaaaad! Santa’s been!”
“What time is it you little pest? Christ it’s four in the morning! Get back into bed until the time’s in double figures!”
“More turkey dear?”
“No you’re alright – that last bit was like chamois leather.”
“Here you go love.”


MORONGROOVER & MR BRISTOW:  Ghetto Disco EPGents – time to get your three-piece flared-leg suits on; ladies – time to hit the wardrobe for a jersey wrap because Morongroover and Mr Bristow are shortly to go large with their Ghetto Disco EP on Breakbeat Paradise! The pair set out with the intention of funking you up till you boogie down and with opener I Like It Like That it’s Soul Train Disco Night manoeuvres from the off. Then

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: ‘Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3’ (Vinyl 7″)(2017)

MAKO & MR BRISTOW:  'Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3' 7Looks like the cat is already out of the bag on this one so little reason to hang fire about the fact that Mako & Mr Bristow are to follow up their mighty double 7 inch 2015 Resense edit drops with a Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3 45 (Resense 043) early this autumn. This time around the pair dig-up an old southern soul ballad on the one hand and a late-night love song on the other, re-flipping them as

MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 7 (2017) Free download

Filthy Rhythm Dirty Soul Vol 7 monkeyboxingIt’s been a crazy-ass last six months here at MB and Monkeyboxing’s free annual funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae and breaks LP extravaganza very nearly didn’t happen this year. Primarily because MB was nearly permanently lost in the autumn. Happily, disaster was averted which means you lucky people get the mighty, mighty Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 7 bursting at the

MR BRISTOW: Merry Mix Up (2016) Free download

merry-mix-up-2016-mr-bristowThere’s a tendency these days to regard anyone who doesn’t start celebrating Christmas from 31 August as some sort of party-pooping killjoy. At Monkeyboxing Towers however, the custom is to wait until – say – Christmas is actually within spitting distance before getting all festive. Now that we’re a mere ten days away however, what better time to unleash Mr Bristow‘s Merry Mix-Up

MR BRISTOW: City Love EP (2016)

city-love-ep-mr-bristowNo roll in the hay for Mr Bristow then – since, as the title of his new EP announces, he’s clearly all about the City Love. And doesn’t he just cavort around in the sounds of the megalopolitan sprawl like a some sort of priapic production pimp! He hustles Jermaine Dupri into a clinch with upbeat 70s pop hooks on the loose caboose of the title cut, gets Kool G Rap to do the damn thing with


Badass Funk EP Breakbeat Paradise RecordingsRating: ★★★★★ Blimey. Hold the floor. When a label like Breakbeat Paradise celebrates ten years in the business you know you can expect some heavyweight party breaks action and with a name like Badass Funk EP – you know that shit is going to be stanker than JB’s jock strap. Don’t be expecting any wobble though because part of this one’s charm is that in celebrating a label

MR BRISTOW: Funk & Soul Xmas Mix (2015)

Funk Soul Xmas Mix 2015 Mr BristowThe massive number of releases the monkey gets sent means it’s not usually possible to post the sizeable number of deejay mixes that get sent in too. Occasionally though, an exception is made, especially if the mix is funky and has soul. And humorous snatches of film and TV dialogue. And scratching. And (in an ironic reversal of a frequent dj experience) it’s the birthday of the dj who made