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MR BLENND: Ante Sensi – Free download

A thinly-disguised remixer/ producer spreads more peace and dub with this free download that splices M.O.P’s Ante Up beat with a not unknown ragga vocal by one Mr Vegas to create Ante Sensi. It’s a pairing that may be familiar to followers of the Nice Up! crew since Shepdog and Tony Midget dropped the equally bassbin-shaking Limber Up last year. Not sure which cut was out first (though according to Blennd this is at least a year old) but it all goes to prove that great minds think alike

DJ SHEPDOG vs. MR BLENND: ‘Everyday Wig’ + ‘Everyday Champion’ – free downloads

The thing about making bootlegs or mash-ups is that you need to get your vocals from somewhere. Sometimes a record company will lob a producer a free vocal stem if they think the remix will boost sales of the original but often they come from officially released acapellas. But the thing about that is that not as many people officially release acapellas as you might think.