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‘TEAR THE ROOF OFF: The Untold Story Of Parliament/ Funkadelic’ – Documentary (2016)

documentary-parliament-funkadelic-tear-the-roof-offParliament/ Funkadelic live shows were legendary for being wild and crazy events – as you might have guessed from the music, lyrics and album covers. But what was life like behind the scenes of the legendary funk collective – just the same? Wilder? Or maybe it was all a bit pipe and slippers? Wonder no longer as award-winning documentary maker Bobby J Brown unlifts the veil

BETTY DAVIS: ‘Nasty Gal’ documentary movie (2015) Crowdfunding campaign and teaser

Betty Davis Movie CrowdfundingWhat do you mean who’s Betty Davis? Betty DAVIS! The ‘first lady of funk’. Friend to Jimi, Sly, Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock. Wife (briefly) to Miles. Model. Producer/ singer/ songwriter on four classic funk-rock LPs in the 70s. Oh – yeah – and victim of sexism and censorship. Which are the main reasons why she suddenly disappeared at the tail end of the seventies and doesn’t have

FOREIGN LEGION: Night Moves (The movie) (2012)

And you thought Foreign Legion’s third LP Night Moves was just one of last year’s most underrated underground hip-hop releases. Think again sucker. Rappers Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner also made a feature film to accompany the album that has hitherto only had limited screenings. Shot in black and white, in a…er…string of comedic dialogue-based ‘cinema verite’ set pieces, the