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MOTENKO: Silhouette

MICAH MOTENKO:  SilhouetteMotenko follow-up previous single and sixties R&B-ish gem On Your Level with new one Silhouette demonstrating their versatility with the R&B template by pitching it somewhere between an early 2000-ish D’Angelo vibe and a Ben Harper slowie for this one and getting all intimate and sweaty while they’re about it. Turns out, this one’s about a dream about an ex. Oh yeah? Depends on

MOTENKO: On Your Level (Audio premiere)

MOTENKO: On Your Level (Audio premiere)Rating: ★★★★★ It’s always a pleasure to nab a premiere but the debut single from Motenko – slo-mo, sixties-style, R&B gem On Your Level – is a particular delight, drenched as it is in piano and horns and featuring a scorching vocal turn from singer and keyboardist Micah Motenko. The band hail from Austin, TX and if that rings a bell it might be because it’s the home town of Black Pumas and