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AIR: Moon Safari Remixed (2017)

Moon Safari Remixed Air JPrime Leygo Monstafunk Vinyl MessiOne suspects French mellowtronica duo Air are are possibly not aware of the existence of the Moon Safari Remixed EP, a cheeky project which finds some of the usual Relative Dimensions label suspects make remarkably free with material off Air’s 90s debut LP. JPrime creates a new dawn for Ce Matin La for example by introducing it to Public Enemy’s He Got Game and a healthy dose of

MONSTAFUNK: Hiding In The Bushes (2016) + No Giggady free download

Hiding In The Bushes MonstafunkWell – gwapple me gwapenuts – so that’s where Monstafunk has been since his last Things That Go Funk In The Night welease – hiding in the bushes. With David Bellamy. Bal-limey! Still – the process has been a fertile one and yielded four rather vigorous slabs of party breaks. Into the blender have gone the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and a

MONSTAFUNK: Things That Go Funk In The Night (2014)

Things That Go Funk In The Night MonstafunkThe ghetto funk/ breaks universe not cheesy enough for you at the minute? Fear not – Monstafunk will be along in mid September with the breakbeat equivalent of a kilo of warm Limburger. No prizes for guessing that there’s a Backstreet Boys flavour to opener Backstreet’s Wack but be warned that there is also a Will Smith rind. Follow-up Creepy, provides a slightly less pungent TLC-