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VARIOUS: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (2013) + CD mini-mix 1 & 2

Electro blues? As in ‘like electro swing’? As in take old blues music and sample it or remix it with some form of electronic dance music beat which – on the evidence of Electro Blues Vol. 1 – is statistically likely to be a breakbeat? Er – yeah pretty much. Hmm – blues and breaks. Blues-breaks. John Mayall’s blues breakers. Funnily enough – he’s on here – courtesy of The Empire Fantastic which finds

CHART – March 2013

(NEW) 1. Monetrik – El Carino

Carnival bounce from the Carnibal label (2nd snippet on player)

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 007 (2013)

Latin breakbeat freaks Carnibal Records are back with their seventh release and in the way of such things it is entitled Carnibal Records 007. Which, in the way of such things of course, immediately makes me think of James Bond causing havoc at some sort of fiesta. Thus it is that Palov & Panama Cardoon and Senor Griff all prove themselves capable agents in the field with Vamos

CHART – August 2012

(NEW) 1. Monetrik – Barbeque

Wicked Wendy Rene Stax cut re-versioned

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 005 (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Moving at breakneck speed with their release schedule, Greek label Carnibal Records drop volume 5 today and it’s the best one in a while. Lest anyone should accuse them of being a one-trick pony, this time they leap the hedges of the Latin breaks enclosure in several different directions at once. Doctor Stereo canters along the road

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 002 (2012)

The carnival continues as the Carnibal Records 002 float appears on the horizon. This time around things are ever so slightly more chilled – you know – it’s still a party but they’ve had a rum or two. Thus Palov and Panama Cardoon, Kill Emil and Monetrik all have a gentle shimmy through their latin music collections in a way that calls gently to the hips – which, as you know, never lie. However, it’s Daytoner who showboats around like the carnival