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THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Scénarios LPRating: ★★★★★ As long-heralded by a series of singles beginning with their Live At Jam PDM! 45 from two years ago (possibly before this LP was even actually a ‘thing’), here, finally, is The Mighty Mocambos’ Scenarios long player – an entity that re-affirms why the word ‘mighty’ appears between ‘The’ and ‘Mocambos’ in the band’s name.  Of course, this one is packed with

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Something’s Missing

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Something's MissingHere’s the the new single from The Mighty Mocambos then – Something’s Missing.
What’s missing?
No, that’s its name – Something’s Missing.
Yeah – you said, but what’s missing?
No!!! Arrghhh!
Hours of fun. It was penned by band member and singer Nichola Richards this one, apparently, for


THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS:  Ghost WalkWant a taster of the forthcoming Scenarios album consisting entirely of live recordings from German funk heroes The Mighty Mocambos? Well, here it is – Ghost Walk. Nope, not a cover of the Budos Band nugget from 2006 but an entirely different cut with the same name. It says here that it’s, “kafka-esque funk instrumental, contrasting a jazzy breakbeat with spooky horns and organ erotica

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: The Take Off (Ltd. vinyl 45)

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: The Take Off (Ltd. vinyl 45)Get excited and buckle up for the take-off, wax donuts fans, because that funky German powerhouse The Mighty Mocambos has another vinyl 7″ lined up for your delectation entitled – er – The Take Off Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. The instrumental A-side initially perks your ears up with an Ethio-jazz sax intro. which quickly gives way to a rock solid drumfunk groove laced with subtle wah-wah

PIGALLE CONNECTION: Casino & Church b/w Vendetta James (Vinyl 7″)

PIGALLE CONNECTION: Casino & Church b/w Vendetta JamesRating: ★★★★★ Just out – this new slice of 45 hotness on Mocambo Records from ‘cinematic funk’ supergroup Pigalle Connection – Casino & Church backed with Vendetta James. The line-up is drawn from the wider Mocambo roster and bandleader is none other than Hammond hotshot Guillaume Metenier of retro reggae outfit Soul Sugar. Meanwhile the two instrumental cuts on


THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS:  2066Rating: ★★★★★ Not content with bashing out two super-dope, steel-drum funk albums (The Serpent’s Mouth and 55) since 2016 under their Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band alter-ego, The Mighty Mocambos have decided 2019 is the year to unleash yet another LP, entitled 2066, under their original moniker. Which is going some, I think you’ll agree. But have this German crew spread

E feat. ISHTAR: The Turning Point (2016)

The Turning Point E IshtarBlimey! E (a.k.a E Da Boss a.k.a. Eric Cooke) of Myron and E has got an new single out on which he duets with the Sumerian goddess of sex, Ishtar! Lucky bastard! And the name of this track? The Turning Point? What’s that about then? They’re breaking up? Oohhh. Sadface. I hope it’s a suitably evocative slice of cinematic soul with searing horns and relentlessly crunchy drums. It