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MO’ MATIC feat. OXYGEN: Sureshot (2016)

Sureshot Mo Matic OxygenRating: ★★★★★ As appropriately named as the Beastie Boys track with which it shares a title, this new one from Channel Islands producer Mo’ Matic and Soundsci rapper Oxygen from NYC is a certified banger. The original mix is rumbling, heavyweight, reggae-hiphop that does what it says on the tin while top-notch remixing is in evidence. The Allergies and Soundmakers are on

JOHNNYPLUSE & MO MATIC: Spread Out EP (2013)

On which Johnnypluse and Mo Matic heroically rein in their respective impulses to commit untold breaks mayhem proffering instead minimal spacey dub instro Spread Out. It’s a new direction that lasts all of one track after which restraint spreads out and scatters to the four winds as they deliver two steaming great dnb assaults in the shape of different mixes of the misleadingly titled Dubby Dub

GARDNA feat. PARLY B (prod. DR MEAKER): Big Bad Sound (2013) + video

The latest release on Dirty Dubsters‘ Irish Moss label is the big bad sound of southwestern bass-city, Bristol, UK, teaming up with…er – Doncaster. While Bristol has a globally recognised association with bass music, Doncaster has brought the world a bit of horse-racing and Jeremy fucking Clarkson. Not that Bristol MC Gardna is holding that against Donny MC Parly B – clearly, since he invited him

JOHNNYPLUSE: The Book Of Lies Remixed (2013) + The Prowler (Django party mix) Free download

If you’re a producer, it has become somewhat de rigeur of late, to follow the release of ‘the’ album (i.e. yours) with ‘the remix album’ – i.e. by ‘them’. You know, a crew of usually like-minded individuals who, the minute they get their grubby mitts on those stems, throw the owner a sly grin as if to say, ‘this shit is mine now and I’m going to go to town on it’ and then go to town on it. A bit like

MO-MATIC presents: B-Boy Bass EP (2012)

Fuzzbox Inc’s Mo-Matic flies solo here with his B-Boy Bass EP and it has to be said, the emphasis is more on the bass than the b-boy. Frankly, the bottom end on this would have the Rock Steady Crew checking out their buildings insurance were it heard in the Bronx back in the day. It speeds up, it slows down, and it’s got enough sirens and keyboards to have Kurtis Mantronix ask what that