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MNP: Chicxulub/ Linus (Vinyl 7″)

It’s October, the ominous shadow of Halloween beckons and MNP deliver the darkness with new slice of psych, Chicxulub, on Markey Funk’s ever-reliable Delights label. Apparently named after the Mexican crater made by a certain dinosaur-extinction causing asteroid, the track certainly spreads its retro-crime soundtrack vibes like an apocalyptic dust cloud. Cue the listener positively

MNP: Ratto Nero b/w Beard (7″ Vinyl)(2017)

MNP:  Ratto Nero b/w Beard (7Next from the aptly-named Delights label comes this new 45 from Brighton-based psych-funk outfit MNP in the form of the sinister double-header of Ratto Nero and Beard. The first of these provides a pysch-funk soundtrack to being hung up on a meathook and flayed, then having to watch while the perpetrator dons your skin like a bleeding suit. We’ve all been there. Beard on the other hand is

MNP: Heavy Tint/ Dib Dab Ltd. 7″ (2017)

MNP:  Heavy Tint/ Dib Dab Ltd. 7If El Michels Affair’s recent excellent Return To The 37th Chamber has given you a taste for funky, psychedelic, library music style instros and you’re now looking for something in a similar vein that’s not a cover – MNP are here to sort you out. Why? Well, it transpires, their debut 7″ for the Delights label is just such a beast. The band (who consist of Tru Thoughts artist Beta Hector, former