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KING RA & BUNTY BEATS: Back To The Essence (2015)

Back To The Essence King RA Bunty BeatsHere’s the second chunk of rudely healthy boom-bap today this time from King RA and Bunty Beats with Back To The Essence which is yet another UK production/ US emcee hook-up though this time around we’re in heavier territory. In terms of Bunty Beats‘ production think 7L and Mighty Mi territory and you’re ball park. King RA’s also on hand of course to provide the kind of solid

JOSE BEE: HVW8 CR8 (2013) Free download

Beattape alert! Jose Bee of Mixkings Records is giving away HVW8 CR8 – a free LP of sixteen instrumental hip-hop beats. Yeah I know. Chop, splice, dice, sample, speed-up, slow down, match with acapellas – the possibilities are endless. Expect to find a bit of boom-clap amid a plethora of boom-bap. Personally, I’d be making use of superfunky beats 4, 10 and 15 if I had the time. You should