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STEPPIN’ TONES: 10 Free Bootlegs + Chambers Of Funk Part 2 mix

STEPPIN' TONES:  10 Free Bootlegs + Chambers Of Funk Part 2 mix10 Free Bootlegs!? Christ! People normally send in one at a time! What is in the water on Steppin’ Tones’ side of town? Surely, so many at once must mean a sacrifice in standards though? Wrong! Our man has casually knocked out half a score of quality mash-up, booty, edit thingies featuring Beasties, Crooklyn Clan, Huey, Pete Rock, Busta

DJ FILTHY RICH: 90s Reggae Hip-hop Vol. 1 (2016) Free download

90s Reggae Hip-hop mix Vol. 1 DJ Filthy RichThe posting of mixtapes on MB is a fairly rare occurrence due to the colossal amount of track, EP and LP submissions that the monkey receives on a daily basis but that’s not to say that every so often something won’t make it through the firewall due to its singular nature. Like DJ Filthy Rich‘s 90s Reggae Hip-hop Vol. 1. Interestingly, every 90s reggae hip-hop mixtape that the monkey has been

EWAN HOOZAMI: Disco For Lovers mix (2014) Free download

Disco For Lovers Ewan Hoozami…and the disco-related fare continues to flow this week like cocaine and sexual fluids in the toilets of Studio 54. I say ‘toilets’ – ‘toilets, dancefloor, stairwells, corridors and fire exits – hell pretty much anywhere really. This time it’s Ewan Hoozami getting his hustle on with twenty-two track Disco For Lovers mix of original disco, ‘nu’ disco and – ahem – house. So what’s the

COCKNEY NUTJOB: Fresh From The Sewer Mix (2013)

It might be his ‘Fresh From The Sewer’ mix but there are no turds here as the underrated Cockney Nutjob tears up the breaks for twelve tracks straight (from track fifteen to twenty seven) with an exclusive mix for Turtle and Fringe Of Steel’s KaneFM Fresh From The Sewer show from the Sunday before last (MB’s finger on the pulse as usual!). It features a wealth of the great and good of the ghetto funk massive and a number of exclusives. I’m assuming those are the Cockney

CAPITOL 1212: Ejectos.com Mix (2013) Free download

Repost alert! Just got hit up by Capitol 1212 who posted a monster mix today of intergalactic boom-bap hip hop, funk and reggae – Cypress Hill, Fu Schnickens, The Honeydrippers, Dusty Springfield, ATCQ, NWA, Dre and reggae/ hip-hop mash-ups galore. Blimey. Sounds like something the monkey would do. I am assuming this is also intended to keep the Capitol 1212 brand in the public’s

RHYMESAYERS & CARHARTT: Mix competition (2011)

Ah – the mixtape, still with us despite the lack of – well…tape, really. So not actually a mix ‘tape’ then – more just a digital mix. Now vinyl’s one thing (and I, for one, applaud its refusal to die) but I’m not even going to pretend I miss tape. What a shitty old format. It stretched, it got chewed up, if you held it too close to a magnet it got wiped – yes, a mixtape was a delicate thing back in the day