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Mined & Forrest provide the source material for the latest Breakbeat Paradise remix package in which their four BBP EPs to date are, well, ‘mined’ for suitable rebootable material. Enter a salivating crew consisting of Lack Jemmon, Beat Le Juice, B-Side, Mr Bristow, label boss Badboe and the duo in question themselves. Lack Jemmon get more than a bit wobbly on Funk Toxic, as do Beat Le Juice

MINED & FORREST: Cool Operator EP

MINED & FORREST: Cool Operator EPIt’s all about the variety on Cool Operator, Mined & Forrest’s new breakbeat EP on BBP. The opener and title track is a relatively chilled affair offering glitch-hoppy stylings compared to the thunderous, snarling guitar-led business of Rock-It which follows. Up next, NY Diesel dials down the grit in favour of breakbeat atmospherics and a clear bid for the very next opening in the cyberpunk/ hacker movie soundtrack market. Finally the duo


MINED & FORREST: Fire Back EPExpect the latest digital release from Breakbeat Paradise in mere days as the label unleashes Mined & Forrest’s Fire Back. And they’re certainly packing some heavy weaponry on this new six-tracker. The title of opener The Big Mama seems to be a nod to sister label Big Fat Mama Beats (started by BBP co-founder Wiccatron) and consists of large, farty-bassed ghetto-funk beats

MINED & FORREST: Coming Through EP

MINED & FORREST: Coming Through EPStand aside please, Mined & Forrest coming through with – er – Coming Through, the follow-up to their previous extended play effort on Breakbeat Paradise – There It Is. And while they might sound like some sort of psychic detective duo, their work is rather more grounded in solid twenty-first breakbeat music. The title cut is mid-tempo Snoop n strings-assisted synth business

MINED & FORREST: There It Is EP (2017)

MINED & FORREST:  There It Is EP Mined & Forrest from Munich and Cologne-based collective Obba Select forge a musical alliance with their There It Is EP on which they provide their vision for twenty-first century booty breaks. The title track is a buzzsaw bass-influenced mid-tempo cut that stitches Kool Keith and Public Enemy to Missy Elliott while Funk Toxic references a late 80s sound with a punchy 808 bass vibe and Drugs