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MF REX: Shimmy Shimmy Samba (2013) Free download

Hot on the heels of last week’s disco-fied K.I.D./ Mos Def booty, Mos Definitely Summertime, Automatic Reaction’s MF Rex drops this ODB/ Ugly Duckling hybrid. I suppose you might think of it as Ugly Bastard. Actually there’s a bit of I Believe In Miracles from funk legends the Jackson Sisters in there too. Miracle Ugly Bastard? It’s got a ring to it. It’s also got a rather large groove. Get

MF REX: Mos Definitely Summertime (MF Rex Disco Joint) (2013) Free download

What with the whole Daft Punk thing, it’s been a pretty disco spring/ early summer so far. Here’s a little more in that vein as one half of Automatic Reaction i.e. MF Rex (no relation to Doom or Grimm) puts the Studio 54 into Yasiin Bey – a.k.a. the artist otherwise known as Mos Def. How does he do this? By splicing K.I.D’s 1980 disco hit Do It Again with Mos Def’s Summertime acapella. But