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ROGER MOLLS: Metamorphosis Of Muses (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Metamorphosis Of Muses is the second official LP from the ‘man with dusty fingers’ – obsessive crate-digger and beatmaker Roger Molls – and totals sixteen tracks of superbly-produced, epic-sounding, vocal and instrumental hip-hop in the vein, but not the – er – shadow, of early DJ Shadow and RJD2. And if you’re down with the work of Shadow and RJD2 and/or can’t get enough

ROGER MOLLS: ‘What Is A Beatmaker?’ (‘Metamorphosis Of Muses’ album video trailer) (2012)

‘What is a beatmaker?’ ponders French hip-hop producer and monkeyboxing favourite Roger Molls on this trailer for his second LP Metamorphosis Of Muses. Like he doesn’t know. Subtitled ‘A Personal And Sarcastic’ definition we hear how a beatmaker is ‘a lonely person…surrounded by machines, old stuff and dusty records.’ As you might have guessed we’re not