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MARKEY FUNK: Men Of North Country – Magic (Timewarp remix) b/w 3421 – Sparks (Spatioport remix) (Vinyl 7″)

Markey Funk Remixes Magic 4321Certainly no stranger to psychedelic sounds, Markey Funk now embarks on a timeslip trip that takes him all the way back to 2013 and 2014 to grab a couple of old remixes for vinyl 7″ release in 2020. One of these is his (appropriately-named) Timewarp remix of Men Of North Country’s mod-soul heater Magic while t’other is his spacey (and equally appropriately-named) Spatioport remix of

MEN OF NORTH COUNTRY: Magic (Markey Funk Time Warp remix)(2014)

Magic Time Warp remix Men Of North Country Markey FunkSixties rnb anthem Magic by Men Of North Country, gets heavily spiked with acid then. “I’ll die with my desert boots on”? ‘I’ll die with a kaftan and purple bell bottoms on more like’. Moving in like a freeloading hippy squatter, DJ Markey Funk junks most of MONC’s tight brass and all the original drums straight away because attachment to musical furniture is, like, just another way

MEN OF NORTH COUNTRY: ‘Game Of Thrones Theme’ Live video (2014)

Game Of Thrones Men Of North CountryIn just the same way that ‘everyone’ only really reads The Scum newspaper ‘for the sport,’ it is widely known that ‘everyone’ watches Game Of Thrones for its richly epic fantasy rather than the high incidence of jutting fantasy breasts and quasi-medieval muff shots. If I didn’t know better though, I’d say some people were getting the horn. You’ll still get the horn if you watch this video –


Magic Men Of North CountryRating: ★★★★★ I’m finding it impossible to read the title of this release (and indeed this post) without imagining it being said lip-smackingly by Biffa Bacon’s mum. This being the case, it’s only natural that Men Of North Country come from nowhere near the north of England, hailing as they do from Tel Aviv. Not that that stops them sounding like a halfway house between 60s mod-rnb-northern soul