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THA FUN POLICE (KENNY BEEPER/ MC SHURESHOCK/ SNUZE): FreefallIt’s Oz-hop time on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings with the release (no pun intended) of Freefall by Tha Fun Police – a crew consisting of a trio of established names – to wit: DJ/ producer Kenny Beeper, MC/ lyricist Shureshock and DJ/ MC Snuze. The EP consists of the chugging title track (plus no fewer than four remixes from Kibosh, Pecoe, Spenda C and Doctor Werewolf) and the

BADBOE feat. MC SHURESHOCK: Under The Spell EP (2017)

No need to look further if you’re in need of heavyweight funky breaks with original raps on top this month since Badboe‘s got you covered. It’s hard to imagine that Under The Spell will fail to cast its enchantment across dancefloors, turning as it does on a funky sample heavily buried in crunchy drums and synth fx with Oz rapper MC Shureshock busting bars on the mic

SLAPPIN PLASTIC & MC SHURESHOCK: It Shocks Parts 1 & 2 (2016)

It Shocks Slappin Plastic MC ShureshockSlappin Plastic and MC Shureshock team-up for a lively slice of Oz-hop with single It Shocks – a track packing so much party punch that it had to be released through two different labels. Sugarbeat are in charge of the split personality affair that is Part 2 on which The Original Rude Boy mix can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be a garage-y breaks affair or a garage-y house