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ROSTRUM RECORDS:  Top Shelf 1988Rating: ★★★★★ Many are the claims to have brought ’88 back but surely never before with as much authority as Rostrum Records’ mighty compilation of thirteen long lost cuts from thirteen different hip-hop legends – Top Shelf 1988. The Top Shelf of the title was (so the story goes) a small studio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where emcees found a safe haven from the

MC LYTE & BREAKESTRA: Posed To Understand (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash)(2013) Free download

They’re at it again. Steely Chan grab MC Lyte’s classic old school crackhead boyfriend rhyme I Cram To Understand U in one hand and Breakestra’s Posed To Be instro in the other and snap them together like Lego bricks. It seems the boys were a little concerned that the intricacies of Lyte’s rhymes might have got lost amongst the hypnotic funk stylings of Breakestra however. Skilled bootleggers as they undoubtedly are (as this cut proves once