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UPTOWN FELAZ feat. MC KYLA: Now You Know (2015)

Now You Know Uptown Felaz MC KylaRating: ★★★★★ Looks like Boca 45 isn’t the only one doing big-ass funk rock breaks at the moment. Step forward Uptown Felaz who employ a huge Larry Graham-ish bass riff, an original female vocal build-up (courtesy of MC Kyla) and a psych-rock breakdown to similarly devastating effect on Now You Know. And you will know. Other people who know stuff are remixers Mr Konfuze

Ghetto Funk presents: B-SIDE (2011)

The latest in the Ghetto Funk label’s ‘Artist Series’ and this time it’s the turn of B-Side who’s new EP should ensure his going down in history as a terror since the ghetto funk era. Where his All The Girls EP earlier this year carried a fairly conventional payload, this has atomic capabilities – as dancefloors will find out after the minute-or-so-long build ups of both tracks on the A side