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JSTAR meets MAX RUBADUB: Dem Nah Ready (Vinyl 7″)

JSTAR meets MAX RUBADUB:  Dem Nah Ready (Vinyl 7Is that thunder I hear? No? Someone’s got the engine of an eighteen wheeler ticking over outside? No? Well – an earthquake perhaps? Oh wait – no – it’s just the bass on the new JStar meets Max Rubadub 45 – Dem Nah Ready – a brisk (for dub) digi-dancehall monster, featuring Crosby on the mic for which neither ‘dem’ nor their bassbins will be in any way prepared. Expect your

MAX RUBADUB feat Various Artists: Roots 51 Riddim (2014) + Mr Traffic video

Roots 51 Riddim Max RubadabHot on the heels of his Sweet Like You single with General Trix, Max Rubadub gets back in his studio tub to rustle up an eighteen strong riddim selection using his equally sweet Roots 51 Riddim. For non-reggae heads, that’s the same sunshine-infused tune slightly tweaked eighteen times with a different vocalist doing a different song on each time. You don’t really want me to name all of them

MAX RUBADUB & GENERAL TRIX: Sweet Like You (2014)

Sweet Like You Max Rubadub General TrixIs it Max Rubadub featuring General Trix or General Trix featuring Max Rubadub. Or General Trix and Max Rubadub. Or Max Rubadub and General Trix come to that. I dunno. The promo player suggests the first, the artwork suggests the second, Juno suggest the third and Max Rubadub’s soundcloud suggests the last. One thing is certain, Sweet Like You‘s lively tribute to Trix’s missus is a sweet digi

GARDNA feat. PARLY B (prod. DR MEAKER): Big Bad Sound (2013) + video

The latest release on Dirty Dubsters‘ Irish Moss label is the big bad sound of southwestern bass-city, Bristol, UK, teaming up with…er – Doncaster. While Bristol has a globally recognised association with bass music, Doncaster has brought the world a bit of horse-racing and Jeremy fucking Clarkson. Not that Bristol MC Gardna is holding that against Donny MC Parly B – clearly, since he invited him


For their third release Irish Moss bring us the Screechy Dan EP featuring veteran NY toaster Screechy Dan of Kenny Dope-produced Boomin’ In Ya Jeep fame. It’s a six tracker which is a lot of screeching, I think you’ll agree – but is our man Dan up to it? Does a bear shit on the Pope? Of course he is! Actually, in reality it’s two tracks with a brace of remixes apiece. Dirty Dubsters provide ridiculously heavy dub weaponry on Gift Of Dub