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ROSTRUM RECORDS:  Top Shelf 1988Rating: ★★★★★ Many are the claims to have brought ’88 back but surely never before with as much authority as Rostrum Records’ mighty compilation of thirteen long lost cuts from thirteen different hip-hop legends – Top Shelf 1988. The Top Shelf of the title was (so the story goes) a small studio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where emcees found a safe haven from the

SON OF SAM feat. MASTA ACE & LARGE PROFESSOR: Come A Long Way (Vinyl 7″)

SON OF SAM feat. MASTA ACE & LARGE PROFESSOR:  Come A Long Way (Vinyl 7Son Of Sam – haven’t they come a long way eh? Haven’t they done well? They’ve gone from all those original hip-hop instrumentals that got shelved for a few years, to hooking up with a slew of emcees from the cream of the underground (old and new) who still practise the art of rhyme and then finally dropping album Cinder Hill last year and before you know it, it’s all been appearances

SON OF SAM feat. MASTA ACE & LARGE PROFESSOR: Come A Long Way (2017)

SON OF SAM feat. MASTA ACE & LARGE PROFESSOR: Come A Long Way (2017)Originally formed in ’03, underground hip-hop outfit Son Of Sam are back for ’17 with new single Come A Long Way which features no fewer than two legendary NY emcees – Large Professor and Masta Ace. The outfit consists of producer Tom Caruana (of Wu-Beatles Magical Mystery Chambers fame), rhythm section John and Joe Sam (whose background includes stints with both

MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne (2012)

MA DOOM might sound like some sinister matriarch presiding over death and misery in a bizarre hybrid of misery-fest soap opera ‘Eastenders’ and a well-known multiplayer game…but it’s not. What it is is a tribute by Masta Ace (MA) to his much-missed mum (or ‘ma’), Yvonne, over a set of Special Herbs & Spices beats by one DOOM (the artist formerly

MASTA ACE: Win signed copy of ‘MA-DOOM: Son Of Yvonne’ album (2012)

Golden era legend and former Juice Crew emcee Masta Ace is still kickin it like that with his latest project. Despite sounding like some sort of crazy Eastenders-matriarch/ supervillain hybrid MA-DOOM is actually Masta Ace’s recent project using the Special Herbs instrumentals of DOOM (the artist formerly known as MF DOOM) which forms the musical basis for his lyrical tribute to his late mother – Yvonne. In order to big up the

EWAN HOOZAMI: Straight Out Of Charleston (2011) – free download

In which Bristol’s Ewan Hoozami enthusiastically wheels his trolley down the ‘genre aisle’ of the music producer’s supermarket helping himself liberally to dubstep, jazz, ghetto funk and a couple of special offer acapellas from Masta Ace and MJ, among others. The result is Straight Out Of Charleston an entity which builds and builds throughout its duration in a very big, soulful and totally twenty-eleven kind of way