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MASSEVIL: Breath (2015)

Breath MassEvilWhat do old-school Californian downhill skateboarders, Sean ‘Shaaaan Paal’ Paul, Blu Cantrell and the ubiquitous Soul Train Line all have in common? How about – ‘they all appear in the video for Breath, the new piece of booty fruit from the most evil man in breakbeat music – MassEvil‘. Wholesale audio-visual plunder

MASSEVIL: Welcome To Velo City (2015)

Welcome To Velo City MassevilIt’s from Eccentric City to Velo City as the most wicked man in party breaks, Massevil, returns with new release Welcome To Velo City and predates on a number of well known samples to satisfy his black desires. Al Wilson gets a pounding soul n bass update, a Prince Buster skank gets a good glitching, a certain pioneering electro blues cut is given a boom-glitch update and the filters

MASSEVIL: Welcome To Eccentric City EP (2014) + Shake That Booty video

Welcome To Eccentric City MassevilThis is precisely what happens when you leave MassEvil unchecked. No, not a pro-UKIP calypso by that sanctimonious prick Mike Read – (that’s the consequence of leaving ‘mass evil’ unchecked) I’m on about the Welcome To Eccentric City EP – and it’s a downright nasty place. I imagine Radical Mixtape‘s latest discovery to be an immense black creature lurking at the centre of