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BIG M presents: Nev Scott & Waynessential – Carryin On (2012)

Never ones to fire out a single release if they’ve got two in the chamber, Big M’s second drop this month finds Nev Scott & Wayenessential on a mash-up tip. First into the blender is Ike and Tina’s funk-soul cut Cussin’, Cryin And Carryin On. On the original, Tina belted out the words, “My daddy told me a long long time ago/ Never take candy from a stranger/ I should have thought about that when I

MAKO & THE HAWK: ‘Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man’ video (2012) + free download

Bloody hell – it’s been a long minute since these two had anything out and now suddenly, out of the blue, here’s Mako & The Hawk with a brand new video for the first track they ever made – the as-played-on-Craig-Charles-Funk-&-Soul-Show, long-ago-maxed-out-on-soundcloud, Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man. It’s a straight-up, party breaks, mash-up banger of Christina Aguilera’s retro rnb hit Ain’t No

STEELY CHAN: Mos World (2012) – Free download

The crazy prolific Steely Chan’s hip-hop/ funk blender gets into full-length action here positioning yet another legendary MC from back in the day atop fat funky beats – in this case Mos Def over music culled from latterday soul king Lee Fields in the form of Mos World which you can cop below. You can blame Dangermouse for kicking this kind of practice off all those years ago with the Grey Album

DJ SHEPDOG: Nah Shutterbug – Free download – 2011

It was only the other week I was extolling the virtues of Shepdog‘s massive reggae refix of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep and damn if he isn’t back already with another free download. Marrying Outkast rapper Big Boi’s Shutterbug acapella with Nas and Damian Marley’s Nah Mean beat means he can chalk yet another reggae remix victory up on the mash-up wall of fame. Indeed, so effortlessly do these roll off the production line I imagine the only problem was what to name it.

CHART – FEB. 2011

1. (NEW) Malcolm & Martin – Sista Big Butt
Big-ass track off a big-ass album…MORE


CHART – JAN. 2011

1. (NEW) Capitol 1212 – Good Feelin’
Big posse cut from Scots duo featuring Mike G and Dizzy Dustin…MORE