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KRASH SLAUGHTA: Sugar Coated DOOM (Vinyl LP)

Sugar Coated DOOM Rating: ★★★★★ It’s a given that timing is everything in music – most obviously in terms of composition and production but often just as much in regard to conception and release – the latter two doubly poignantly so in the case of this massive DOOM vs The Sugarcubes mash-up LP from turntablist and producer Krash Slaughta. Which is why the tale of this project’s gestation is

DJ MAARS vs. TOM SHOWTIME: The Chippa Irie EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ In which DJ Maars and Tom Showtime flog a dead ‘horse’ so hard it not only gets back up on its hooves but actually starts to make a lot of live ‘horses’ look like doddery soon-to-be ‘beef’ burgers. I refer of course to the fact that neither the beats nor the acapellas on this booming reggae/ hip-hop four tracker have been underused. The beat on Heatwave Episode was used by Dedy

MAKO & THE HAWK: ‘Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man’ video (2012) + free download

Bloody hell – it’s been a long minute since these two had anything out and now suddenly, out of the blue, here’s Mako & The Hawk with a brand new video for the first track they ever made – the as-played-on-Craig-Charles-Funk-&-Soul-Show, long-ago-maxed-out-on-soundcloud, Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man. It’s a straight-up, party breaks, mash-up banger of Christina Aguilera’s retro rnb hit Ain’t No

DJ MONEYSHOT: Jehovah’s Witness (DJ Moneyshot’s Boot) (2011) Free download

Heads up as Moneyshot cracks one out for Christmas here in the shape of Jehovah’s Witness. Far from being someone who knocks on your door with a copy of The Watchtower at an unreasonably early hour of a Saturday morning while you’re still suffering from the night before, this Jehovah’s Witness is a combo of J-Hova a.k.a. the Jiggaman a.k.a. Jay-Z’s Izzo beat and one Roots Manuva’s

TOTALCULT: Bomber Inna Dance (2011) + ‘Kwali Tea’ free download

Totalcult unloads the goods in time for this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival in the shape of this three tracker, the contents of which suggest he’s been hanging with types who like the kush and I don’t mean an ancient nation in north-east Africa. This might explain the leisurely minute and a half intro to Handsworth Evolution – which, nevertheless, once it gets going, is a heavy slice of midtempo breakbeat reggae and no mistake

TOM CARUANA presents: ‘Black Gold’ Wu-Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix – Free download album (2011) + instrumentals

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s a legal minefield on this one as Tom Caruana continues his mash-up series and trumps both his Beatles/ Wu Tang and Okayplayer/ Bollywood efforts with a Jimi/ Wu soundclash. According to TC, “it features 2 exclusive tracks from Wu Tang affiliates Gab Gotcha & Young Dirty Bastard (ODB’s son)

HARVEY K-TEL: Ranking In The Deep (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
I had a rank in the deep once. It was nearly as good as this. And by ‘this’ I mean the latest effort from the man named Harvey K-Tel. Like one DJ Shepdog before him, K-Tel works his mash-up magic with a certain Adele acapella but substitutes Sly & Robbie for something a little more upbeat and rocksteady – sounds a bit like an old number by The Jamaicans. And what do you know? This refix is just as good

ALDO VANUCCI: Party Breaks Vol. 2 – EP (2011) + ‘Mysterious Sneakers’ free download

‘Fatboy Slim’s crate digger’ Aldo Vanucci, known far and wide as Plymouth’s 14th best DJ, is back and this time, Matthew, he’s come as pop slag. Is that Sean Paul I can hear? Crooklyn Clan? A bit of Duck Sauce? KC & The Sunshine Band? Yup, it all goes in the blender with some rather large beats. Vanucci, you have no shame. When playing out, out, it’s probably best to save these until everyone’s

MR BLENND: Ante Sensi – Free download

A thinly-disguised remixer/ producer spreads more peace and dub with this free download that splices M.O.P’s Ante Up beat with a not unknown ragga vocal by one Mr Vegas to create Ante Sensi. It’s a pairing that may be familiar to followers of the Nice Up! crew since Shepdog and Tony Midget dropped the equally bassbin-shaking Limber Up last year. Not sure which cut was out first (though according to Blennd this is at least a year old) but it all goes to prove that great minds think alike

MAKO & THE HAWK: Shut Up And Give It Up – Free download

(PRESS RELEASE) The second mash-up from these two, this is a project from which Mako has tried to distance himself, claiming that with Shut Up And Give It Up the Hawk was trying to ‘house’ him and that it sounds nothing like the “create something a bit like Rapper’s Delight” idea they had originally mooted. Despite this, the Hawk persists with the flimsy argument that Mako’s suggestion to, ‘put in some extra kick drums’ constitutes a significant contribution to the production process. Whatever the truth, this unholy marriage of Public Enemy and The Ting Tings will have so many hands in the air in the coming months that it should boost deodorant sales exponentially, with knock-on economic effects that might ultimately lift the UK from the current recession. Hurrah!

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