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MARTINIBOMB: Mambossa Fever (2013) Free download

Fancy a bit of Mambossa Fever? It’s the new three-tracker from Martinibomb, a man last heard of round these parts – ooh – almost exactly a year ago with his rather good mambo, cha-cha, disco, hip-hop and surf-influenced A Girl’s Bike free LP. The equally good Mambossa Fever EP has all the infectiousness of one of those gnarly hemorraghic viruses that originate in the Congo (and which its

MARTINIBOMB: A Girl’s Bike (2012) Free download

Out now on Loopez’s Nodo label is this free LP from Portland (Oregon) duo Martinibomb. They’ve chosen to name it A Girl’s Bike for reasons best known to themselves though any Britons reading this will, of course, already be aware that ‘A girl’s bike’ (as in, “Nah mate, that’s a fucking girl’s bike!”) is one of the most damning insults that can ever be directed at a male under the age of twelve