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MARTA REN & THE GROOVELVETS: So Long (2016) + video

so-long-marta-ren-groovelvetsNext up in the way of a single from Marta Ren & The Groovelvets is the noirish pomp of torch song So Long and judging by all the swearing it seems that soul hurricane Marta’s a bit upset. What could the matter possibly be? Well, a number of things it seems, though when she finally gets around to mentioning a former lover who left her, you suspect he’s probably the root cause. But how

MARTA REN & THE GROOVELVETS: I’m Not Your Regular Woman (2015) + video

I'M Not Your Regular Woman Marta Ren GroovelvetsThat Marta Ren & The Groovelvets album’s been a long time coming and – er – it’s still not here. It won’t be long though apparently and it’s got a name now – Stop, Look, Listen. Before that, here’s this – Marta and the boys’ blistering cover of Lucille Matthis’ ’68 southern soul b-side classic I’m Not Your Regular Woman – which as covers go, is pretty faithful. Now, there is a theory that covers

MARTA REN & THE GROOVELVETS: ‘Two Kinds Of Men’ video + ‘Summer’s Gone’ (acoustic version) free download (2014)

Two Kinds Of Man Marta Ren videoOne of the biggest funk-soul singles to come out last year was Marta Ren & The Groovelvets Two Kinds Of Man/ Summer’s Gone 45 and there was talk of an album before the end of the year. Clearly there have been delays. Just in case you forgot how good this lot were though (unlikely, given Marta’s epic vocal turn on Two Kinds Of Man) here’s a video for Two Kinds Of Men shot in swinging London. I