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CMC & SILENTA: Feature Breaks Vol 1 (2011) + ‘Blue Brothers’ free download

Feature Breaks Volume 1 sees Manmade Records label owners CMC & Silenta inaugurate the new vinyl series on their other label Roca Records and they’re so excited they’re giving away an EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD of their huge good-time funky breaks club classic BLUE BROTHERS via monkeyboxing HERE. As with other Roca releases the emphasis is on sample-free music

MANMADE RECORDS: Gold Edition – 2010

Old funk, nufunk, ghettofunk, blue funk – Dr Seuss would have a field day as we live through the most amusing genre-name wars since the old trip-hop versus ‘blunted beats’ conflict of the mid-nineties. All that aside, Manmade celebrate their tenth release with some 24 carat action in the form of a double vinyl EP – which you just know is going to be cut loud.

MANMADE RECORDS: Feature Funk Vol. 6

And I thought August was supposed to be a slack month for music. You know how it is – artists and the public alike off at festivals indulging in free love and expensive drugs (if not expensive love and free drugs) and nobody seeing any point in releasing anything until September restores sanity. Apparently not this August though for Manmade deliver volume 6 of their ongoing Feature Funk series and its another good-time, floor-filling package of bootlegs from the cheesier end of the nu-funk spectrum. What you get is hands-in-the-air, big-club breakbeat restylings of Hit The Road Jack, The Velvelettes He Was Really Saying Something, a very cheeky use of The Mohawks Beat Me Til I’m Blue by CMC & Silenta plus a frankly Brie-tinged (or similarly aromatic Lithuanian equivalent) appropriation of Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water. Press guff below links…
Listen to Manmade Feature Funk Volume 6
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(PRESS RELEASE) Here we go again…..
Manmade Feature Funk Vol 6 is about to hit ya’ll, expect one of the best Manmade releases so far! 5 banging tracks with different styles and tempo, but they all have some things in common: They’re big, fat, funky and a guarantee to move the party people’s butts.

It starts off with CMC&Silenta’s “Chainsaw Massacre”, a track with elements of 9 tracks, added with own beats, chords and synths and their own way of mashing it all together to a straight cracker. Tom Drummond from down under shows his production skillz again with “Hit it”. He fires a dance floor rocket for all b-boys and NuFunk lovers! Next one is Moodbase from Lithuania with “Put Ya Handz Up”. There’s one appropriate word to describe this crowd-rocking and club devastating bomb: BOOOOM! DUCK DOWN! On the next side we’re happy to feature Spain’s No.1 Breakbeat/Big Beat combo Telephunken. “He Was Really Saying Something” is one of the tracks of their amazing album the guys released 2009, be sure to check that great masterpiece on Juno. Itunes etc..! We decided to give you a bonus track an mm009, a masterpiece of a slow down Hiphop groove perfectly made for a day on the beach like the name said “It’s a beautiful day”. Have fun with Manmade’s new baby and grab a piece of vinyl before they’re all gone!
(Out 9 September 2010 on Manmade)

MANMADE: Feature Funk Vol. 2

Here’s the second in today’s brace of mash-up 12″s and in truth it’s been out a short minute already – as a swift glance at the MB chart for October will reveal with the Slynk track at number ten. In hindsight that’s languishing way too low. It is the jewel in the crown of this EP and with it Brisbane’s Slynk takes The Three Degrees’ 1970 torch song slowy You’re The Fool, drops in a bit of the ‘Stones, some dialogue from what I think is Beat Street then – as if you hadn’t already guessed – ups the bpms and adds a rather large breakbeat. The other tracks don’t fuck around either.
(Out now on Manmade Records)

(PRESS RELEASE) Once again, Manmade comes out with another fresh selection of funky tracks from around the globe. This time we’re featuring Basement Freaks, Funkanomics, Slynk and Manmade.
With no surprise, this Feature Funk has a wide range of club bangers perfect for everybody to spin. First up with an incredible breaks track, we got BASEMENT FREAKS “Lauren Beat” which is sure to impresses with its driving beats, chunky bass line and well known vocals. The second cut is by FUNKANOMICS. It’s sure to become a breaks anthem. The perfectly arranged Hendrix samples will have “Crosstown Shelter” getting you up on your feet for sure!
On the B side you´ll find CMC&SILENTA’s reedit of “Voodoo Workin”. Designed with fat kick drums, catchy bass lines and unique piano and brass loops, there are no doubts the ladies will shake their hips to this banger. The last cut is by one of the best upcoming DJ and producers from down under, SLYNK with his track “You’re the fool”. This is one of the most banging funk explosions that has ever reached our ears! You really would be a fool not to have it in your record bag.

Listen to Manmade Feature Funk Vol. 2

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