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MANKOORA: Sonór Tropicàl (Vinyl 7″)

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Sonór TropicàlRenegades Of Jazz returns to his experiments in tropical sounds under his Mankoora alter-ego after a short break of – oohh – only nine years or so with new vinyl 7″, Sonór Tropical. On the A-side, the title track is an understated piano-led Latin-jazz breakbeat shaker served with a side of violin and a deceptively chunky bassline.  In fact, it’s exactly like a Latin version of those early

VARIOUS: Hiperbole Records ‘Mondo Exotica’ EP1 (2013)

A bunch of Europeans taking on South America? If we were talking football this would be a really shit idea of course. The game here is one of music production however and team Hiperbole is fielding some top players on the Mondo Exotica EP – a latin breaks collection totalling three remixes, an original and an edit. Captaining the squad is Renegades Of Jazz with two quality remixes –

VARIOUS: Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape (2013)

If you’ve ever rolled into bed in the small hours after a heavy night out and then been woken ‘early doors’ by someone under the age of five you’ll have some idea of how I was feeling yesterday and, frankly, today as well to some extent. Luckily, Hiperbole Records‘ new compilation, Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape has been lurking in my inbox and its soothing grooves provided some badly needed musical ibuprofen

MANKOORA – El Loco/Boogaloo Tormenta (2012)

Mankoora? The new Lamborghini super car? A Congolese psych-funk supergroup from the 70s? An exclusive members-only sex club in Berlin? Nope – none of the above – though debut single El Loco/ Boogaloo Tormenta is a bit exotic. Yep, it’s all uptempo b-boy breaks and South American musical stylings – kind of like Renegades Of Jazz on a latin jazz tip. But then maybe that’s because this is