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KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 25 (2015)

Vol. 25 Katakana Edits ManjahAnother Katakana Edits already? Go on then – who is it this time? It’s Manjah! Ok so he’s not the most productive of beatmakers but when he does put something out, it’s always worth a listen – quantity versus quality – knowhadimean? For me the Manjah track that always stands out was the Supreme-ly epic edit My Dub Is Empty Without You which came out on Sunsetsoul (whatever

SUNSETSOUL: SunsetSplit EP – 2009 – review

Rating: ★★★★★

Typical. You start to despair of a lack of decent funky tunes and then loads come along at once. Here, Leipzig’s Sunsetsoul label continue a near flawless run of releases with the SunsetSplit EP, a four-tracker of ridiculous mash-ups. Funktomas splices Fontella Bass’s Motown classic Rescue Me together with the vocal remix of The Gravediggaz’ 1-800 Suicide boosting the bpms of this stoned early-nineties head-nodder way over the hundred mark and lyrically creating the musical equivalent of a bizarrely upbeat call to The Samaritans. Prosper & Badboe sort out a fuel-injected rinsing of 25 Miles that gets Edwin Starr all jiggy with Lil Mama and Shantisan does the crazy drum n bossa thing again on Aquela E Minha Menina by lighting a junglist fire under the asses of Os Mutantes. Then – just as you tire of muscular breaks – along comes Manjah with a chilled breakbeat dub rerub of The Supremes in My Dub Is Empty Without You. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?
Soon come – on Frequento Sunsetsoul

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