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MADISON WASHINGTON feat. THE ABOLITIONISTS: Plantation Earth/ Divine Frankensteins

MADISON WASHINGTON feat. THE ABOLITIONISTS:  Plantation Earth b/w It’s posse cut time as Paris/ Brooklyn/ Oakland trio The Abolitionists join Madison Washington’s Malik Ameer to lay it down on the mic for Plantation Earth. And what better way to lyrically explore the idea that the entire planet is no better than a giant version of an ante-bellum cotton plantation than over funky drum breaks drenched in jazzy


MADISON WASHINGTON:  FactsIf you caught the phenomenon that was the Pan Amsterdam LP The Pocket Watch earlier this year, you’ll have heard of the Def Pressé label. However, the other jewel in said label’s crown – the two of them linked by dint of having the same producer – is Madison Washington. Where Pan Am is the inspired teaming of Leron Thomas and thatmanmunkz, Madison Washington is the


MADISON WASHINGTON feat. A BROTHER IS:  No ClicheRight in the dog days of August, producer thatmanmunkz of Pan Amsterdam provides this little soother, No Cliche, from his ‘other’ hip-hop project Madison Washington a.k.a. his partnership with rapper Malik. Turns out the track is inspired by the band’s namesake Madison Washington who risked returning to the perils of slavery (having

MADISON WASHINGTON: Baytrified/ Djedet + video

MADISON WASHINGTON:  Baytrified/ Djedet + videoThe JTHOTEC-featuring Baytrified finds thatmanmunkz switching from his Pan Amsterdam project with Leron Thomas back to his other going hip-hop concern, Madison Washington, with Bay Area native Malik Ameer as MC. And with a name like Baytrified – what else was it going to be but a celebration of Ameer’s beloved Bay Area? Except hold on – what’s this? “The Bay ain’t the bay no

MADISON WASHINGTON: ‘Facts’ video premiere

MADISON WASHINGTON:  'Facts' video premiereProducer thatmanmonkz’ other hip-hop project apart from Pan Amsterdam is, of course, Madison Washington, along with rapper Malik, and the duo return today with a new single, Facts. Actually, more strictly speaking, it’s ((((Facts)))) but either way, there’s an accompanying video in in which they take a hefty swipe at the man. Well, it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it. And so it is that Malik spits venom over relentless rock guitar-laced boom-bap