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MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne (2012)

MA DOOM might sound like some sinister matriarch presiding over death and misery in a bizarre hybrid of misery-fest soap opera ‘Eastenders’ and a well-known multiplayer game…but it’s not. What it is is a tribute by Masta Ace (MA) to his much-missed mum (or ‘ma’), Yvonne, over a set of Special Herbs & Spices beats by one DOOM (the artist formerly

MASTA ACE: Win signed copy of ‘MA-DOOM: Son Of Yvonne’ album (2012)

Golden era legend and former Juice Crew emcee Masta Ace is still kickin it like that with his latest project. Despite sounding like some sort of crazy Eastenders-matriarch/ supervillain hybrid MA-DOOM is actually Masta Ace’s recent project using the Special Herbs instrumentals of DOOM (the artist formerly known as MF DOOM) which forms the musical basis for his lyrical tribute to his late mother – Yvonne. In order to big up the