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BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS: Hot Pants – I’m Coming Coming I’m Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7″ (2017)

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS:  Hot Pants - I'm Coming Coming I'm Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7Rating: ★★★★★ Not that this needs any plugging you understand because I can imagine that like DJ Soopasoul’s other two recent massive sets of seven inch funk edits, this 45 is very likely to sell out. Indeed – you’ll be lucky to find a copy of Vol. 1 – his subtle tweak of the queen of soul’s Respect. This time around though, Soop. done stole Bobby Byrd’s not-in-any-way sexual Hot

GET ON DOWN PRESENTS: For The People Pt. 1 (2015)

For The People Pt 1 James Brown Get On DownDo it sound good? Do it feel good? Well if it sound good and it feel good then it’s musical, ain’t it? And if it look good too, then, it’s a collector’s 45 box set of some of the most famous singles ever dropped on the minister of the new super heavy funk’s very own People’s Records imprint ain’t it? In a deluxe limited edition embossed box set no less. Yes, it’s deluxe reissue label Get On Down

A SKILLZ: Think (It Takes Two) feat. Lyn Collins (2012) Free download + London Show 6.10.12

Rating: ★★★★★
It’s reassuring to know that the mighty Lyn Collins ‘features’ on what is essentially a remix of her own song – still – this is a remix by the mighty A Skillz so we’ll let him off. If you’re one of the three people who hasn’t yet heard this, imagine Lyn Collins still-fresh original, cut up a bit with Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s massive ’88 hip-hop club banger It Takes