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LUCKY BROWN & THE SGs: Pecan Trees Speak To Each Other EP

LUCKY BROWN & THE SGs: Pecan Trees Speak With Each Other EPHello it’s the new Lucky Brown & The SGs EP – Pecan Trees Speak To Each Other. Of course they do – especially if you’ve been on the mescaline. Not that this release is that trippy though there is a ’69/’70 Ethio-jazz-fusion vibe going on with the title track, opening the release in its full six minute forty nine second version. If you’re not one for lengthy arboreal gossip

LUCKY BROWN & THE SG’s: Sweet Tea (With My Sweetie) (Vinyl 7″)

On the PR blah, it says that Lucky Brown & The SG’s Sweet Tea (With My Sweetie) is the only ‘lost track’ from the sessions that produced last LP Mesquite Suite and damn if you won’t be glad they ‘found’ it again. Given the fact that the album took an afro-funky and film-score jazzy direction, you can see why a fat spit-and-sawdust, shuffling Texas-funk nugget like Sweet Tea might not have