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DJ MAARS: On It b/w Pull Up (Ltd. White/ Yellow splatter 7″)

Rating: ★★★★★ DJ Maars has held the reggae-hip-hop mashup crown for some years now, regularly supplying DJs with weapons-grade blends and so far out in front of the field that he is practically his only competition. For lesser producers, this might result in a slackening of focus and watering down of output but Maars is clearly not a man to  tolerate any challenge – even if it comes from

DJ MAARS: Smokin’ Funk b/w Ruffneck Rockas (Ltd. White/ Red splatter 7″)

DJ MAARS: Smokin' Funk b/w Ruffneck Rockas (Ltd. White/ Red splatter 7Rating: ★★★★★ Hanging out for new wax from DJ Maars and the Easy Now Recordings camp?  You can rest easy then, because here’s the man himself with the first in a new run of back catalogue bangers on 45. And as anyone who follows Maars will know – that’s some back catalogue – exemplified on this white and red splatter vinyl 7″ release by Smokin’ Funk b/w

K-DELIGHT: Beats, Demos and Cuts (Ltd. free download)

K-DELIGHT:  Beats, Demos and Cuts (Ltd. free download) It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from K-Delight but with a new studio album imminent, what better way for him to generate buzz than to make another album with the self-explanatory title Beats, Demos & Cuts available as a free download for six whole days? K Dilla describes it as a selection of his favourite tracks on various labels along with some unheard demos which feature

CALIBRO 35: Psycheground (video + ltd. Vinyl 7″)

CALIBRO 35:  Psycheground (Video)Of course it was only a couple of months ago that Italian kings of cinematic funk, Calibro 35, dropped their umpteenth studio LP, Decade which, the monkey noted, “…starts innocuously enough with the afro-tinged lilt of Psycheground…[and]…in Calibro 35-land we’re in the title sequence of whatever film is in their heads…[which]…surely…features a lengthy single-take of a

CALIBRO 35: S.P.A.C.E. 7″ Ltd. orange (2016)

SPACE Calibro 35Two things you can be always be sure of when a new Calibro 35 single comes out: reliably mod-funky music and a video worth a watch. In this case the typically retro latter departs from the band’s previous antics in consisting solely of library footage of the Saturn 5 launch. But what kind of music should accompany a small group of weakly smiling astronauts as they enter what is

DJ MAARS vs. TOM SHOWTIME: Summertime/ Jump Around (2015 Re-master) (2015) Ltd. red vinyl 7″

Summertime Jump Around Maars ShowtimeRating: ★★★★★ There’s still room for a few more epic reggae mashups this year it seems (despite the space taken up by Cockney Nutjob’s excellent recent Heads Boppin’ EP) as DJ Maars and Tom Showtime flex their mettle again. This new one grafts Mos Def’s Summertime over the riddim for BB Seaton’s version of the Gershwin-penned – er – Summertime and enlists Seaton vocals on the