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SLUT clothing

The name alone should indicate that Slut is not a company to compromise, so I’m sure that they will have no problem at all agreeing with me when I say that their style is in your face like a money shot. Don’t believe me? Check the pics below. It should come as no surprise to you that they are also a clothing company who know how to get down. Their launch party in 2006 was so impressively debauched they had another one the next week and then one the week after that. Now, three years later, Love Riot is one of the fastest and loosest club nights in the southwest. We’ll overlook the predilection for house DJs at Love Riot nights because a) soul/ hip-hop legend Norman Jay has also played there and b) some of the Slut’s founders ride the wave-steed of ancient Hawaiian kings a.k.a. the bodyboard. Here’s what they have to say…
(PRESS RELEASE) SLUT is a boutique fashion and partying brand from Cornwall, dedicated to serving the needs and desires of those with a penchant for seriously enjoying life. Owned and run by surfers from Porthleven, and a fisherman from St. Just, we have a firm background in surfing, skating, music, design and partying, or whatever it takes to have a bloody good time. On the clothing front, we aim to be a refreshing alternative to the corporate surf brands which dominate today’s market, whilst still being able to relate to the great many of you who couldn’t care less about surfing but share our interests in brilliant clothes, partying and just plain enjoying life.
Our designs are inspired by a tongue in cheek look at our lives here in Cornwall, Ireland, London and further afield. We place a great emphasis on making our products to a high quality, and have a talented small team of designers helping to ensure this. A couple of whom take great pleasure in secretly moonlighting from their day jobs for us, where they design for a couple of very influencial UK brands.