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BLACK MASALA: I Love You Madly Remixed Vol. 1 (2016)

i-love-you-madly-black-masala-remixed-vol-1Forget the tikka and garam and get your ears round a tasty bit of Black Masala – remixed no less – as the DC outfit’s brand of Balkan brass gets a vigorous bit of polishing from the likes of Lazarus Sound System, DJ Inko, Los Chicos Altos and Omegaman. Mix my metaphors? Don’t mind if I do! And that’s not all that’s mixed for the release is curiously listed as ‘funky/ club house’ on

TOPPA BLING feat. QUINCY JOINTZ & LOS CHICOS ALTOS: Straight Representing EP (2015)

Straight Representing Toppa Bling Quincy JointzLatin music and dancehall music are both notoriously steamy but – good lord! – what might happen were latin fire to meet Jamaican raunch? Is it possible for anything to be that sexy? Maybe we should ask Toppa Bling who hooks up with Los Chicos Altos for just that sort of action and even gets Quincy Jointz along for one track to make it a threesome. This one’s all about opener

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

It seems like only two shakes of a mustang’s tail since everyone’s favourite Balkan/ Mex-American breakbeat outlaws Smokey Bandits struck a deal with one wild bunch of remixers and now here they are again with another lot. Well actually with one survivor from the previous lot – Renegades Of Jazz. But then he’s the fastest jazz-slinger in the west so no one messes with him. Probably why he’s