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SILVER HERMIT: 5 Element Clones (2015) Free download

5 Element Clones Silver HermitAnyone remember back in the days of tape-trading when you were so desperate to get your hands on that album that you copied a copy and ended up with a recording where the hiss was as loud as the music? Or when you borrowed your mate’s original cassette and copied it on some sketchy tape player where the motor hum was so loud it was picked up on the recording with similar results?

LONE NINJA (prod. Lord Beatjitzu): Trapdoors & Secret Passageways (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Hankering after lo-fi martial-arts-referencing beats and deceptively simple lyrics that whisper through your defences like a shadow warrior’s blade? Look no further because Lone Ninja is back with new LP Trapdoors & Secret Passageways. Lone who? Indeed. The Brooklyn-based rapper is so underground he probably doesn’t know his own true identity. Now

LONE NINJA (prod. 5 ELEMENT NINJA): ‘Warpath’ video leak (2013)

Leak alert! Shady stateside rap shinobi, Lone Ninja, will be dropping his next LP (and sequel to last year’s Rogue Agent) Trapdoors And Secret Passageways – in just under two months. Somewhere between DOOM and the Wu-Tang Clan, rocking a drawling delivery over lo-fi, kung fu flick-inspired beats, the album promises to be a rare treat – if this leak and past efforts are anything to go by