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LOOPEZ: MooR (2015)

Moor LoopezUruguayan producer Loopez returns for the new year with his latest effort, the six-track mini LP Moor. Or more accurately, MooR, with a capital ‘R’. You might be forgiven for thinking with a name like, ‘Moor’ (and with Loopez’s past production history) that this would be all about North African-influenced breaks or something. But you’d be wrong. It’s a collection of tracks (he says) which

VARIOUS: Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape (2013)

If you’ve ever rolled into bed in the small hours after a heavy night out and then been woken ‘early doors’ by someone under the age of five you’ll have some idea of how I was feeling yesterday and, frankly, today as well to some extent. Luckily, Hiperbole Records‘ new compilation, Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape has been lurking in my inbox and its soothing grooves provided some badly needed musical ibuprofen

MARTINIBOMB: A Girl’s Bike (2012) Free download

Out now on Loopez’s Nodo label is this free LP from Portland (Oregon) duo Martinibomb. They’ve chosen to name it A Girl’s Bike for reasons best known to themselves though any Britons reading this will, of course, already be aware that ‘A girl’s bike’ (as in, “Nah mate, that’s a fucking girl’s bike!”) is one of the most damning insults that can ever be directed at a male under the age of twelve

LOOPEZ: Free Remixed (2012)

Jesus I hate December in the UK – waking in the dark, shivering in the shower, chipping ice off the windscreen, shivering like a bastard all day and coming home in the dark. But (people protest) it’s Christmas! Fuck Christmas! I want tropical heat and to be able to lounge around in boardies while sexy mamis mix cocktails. A man can dream. Actually, if he puts on Loopez‘s ‘Free Remixed’ LP

MANKOORA – El Loco/Boogaloo Tormenta (2012)

Mankoora? The new Lamborghini super car? A Congolese psych-funk supergroup from the 70s? An exclusive members-only sex club in Berlin? Nope – none of the above – though debut single El Loco/ Boogaloo Tormenta is a bit exotic. Yep, it’s all uptempo b-boy breaks and South American musical stylings – kind of like Renegades Of Jazz on a latin jazz tip. But then maybe that’s because this is

LOOPEZ: ‘Lost Tape 1’ free download (2012) + ‘Free’ LP news

Rating: ★★★★★
Following his EP collabo with the excellent Renegades Of Jazz, Uruguayan Loopez sees the Greeks their sampled latin breaks and raises them some original latin fire with Lost Tape 1. Imagine a latin breaks version of S.O.U.L.’s Burning Spear with trumpet (courtesy of Gaston Ackerman)