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RENEGADES OF JAZZ (feat. MANI DRAPER):  Look AroundSomething else to have got overlooked in the Great Monkeyboxing Php Update Disaster was this – Look Around – the most recent single from Renegades Of Jazz featuring Mani Draper. Over a suitably driving slice of original uptempo funk, the Oakland MC encourages punters to take a moment and consider the daily overload most of us are exposed to. Puts one in mind of Ferris Bueller in


DANIELLE PONDER & KARATE BOOGALOO: Look AroundLooks like today’s become a day of zeitgeist-capturing singles on MB with news of this one from Melbourne instrumental outfit Karate Boogaloo who have teamed-up with NYC singer/ activist Danielle Ponder for Look Around. Building from haunting organ swells and guitar picking, into soaring cinematic soul, the collab. began life with singer and band writing the track in a

BROTHER ALI: UK tour dates and free download ‘Don’t Look At Me, Look Around’

He’s white, he’s Muslim and he’s not Barry from Four Lions. Yup, it’s dope MC Brother Ali of last year’s freshest underground LP and he’s back on these shores later this month and early next month. Thus, if you missed him last time around (like me) now’s your chance to catch up…just don’t mention ‘rubber dinghy rapids.’ Also, there’s a free Brother Ali track Don’t Look At Me, Look Around for FREE DOWNLOAD of which he says, “A few weeks ago I put out a call on Facebook and Twitter for producers to send me beats for Streets’ Mixtape and received over 900 beats in the first 24 hours. I ended up choosing this track from Medium Zach and did the song the next day. Peep game.” Tour dates below:
Brother Ali – UK tour dates June/ July 2010
26th June – Glastonbury Festival
08th July – Dingwalls, London
09th July – The Cooler, Bristol
10th July – Freebutt, Brighton

Brother Ali – Myspace