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LONGDISTANCE DAN:  Lunar Activity EPSay ‘hello stranger’ to Long Distance Dan (or should that be LongDistanceDan?) who returns to Earth with more of his customary way out sound from way out on latest drop the Lunar Activity EP.  Boasting six tracks, a logo from Kid Acne and cover art by Sun Moth, the EP was both written and produced by Dan and kicks off with Riding Lightning featuring an appropriately crunchy drum

LONG DISTANCE DAN: The Dustman Stirs (2017)

LONG DISTANCE DAN:  The Dustman Stirs (2017)The dustman stirs? Oh what – like on Wednesdays when you get rudely awakened by him and his mates? No Dougal. Not exactly. No, this’ll be The Dustman Stirs as in the latest release from that purveyor of psychedelic breaks, Long Distance Dan, not to mention being our man’s follow-up to 2015’s The Other Side Of The Sky EP and his full-length debut. And that’s ‘full-length’ as

LONG DISTANCE DAN: The Other Side Of The Sky EP (2015)

Other Side Of The Sky Long Distance DanThe Other Side Of The Sky EP finds Long Distance Dan (a.k.a Dan Larkin of, among other things, TheLeftHandSide blog) taking it upon himself to re-imagine funk as a crunchy, fraught, psych-out. Picture what might have happened on that trip to ‘Nam if James Brown had taken an excess of LSD and become funk’s Colonel Kurtz. The Other Side Of The Sky is what he might have