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WOXOW feat. AZEEM: Enough Is Enough

WOXOW feat. AZEEM: Enough Is EnoughThe first single to drop from Woxow’s forthcoming EP, How Many Ancestors Do We Have, is this one – Enough Is Enough – featuring rapper Azeem. And it turns out Azeem’s not very happy. Can’t imagine what systemic racism, global financial corruption or insidious monitoring of the people by government and piss-poorly regulated social media companies has done to annoy him, but

WOXOW feat. AWON: Can’t See Myself (Vinyl 7″)

WOXOW feat. AWON:  Can't See Myself Rating: ★★★★★ As he beavers away on his next EP, Italian producer Woxow has found time and been kind enough to knock you out a couple of sureshot hip-hop cuts ‘while-u-wait,’ as it were. That’ll be his Can’t See Myself / Mo’ Gems 45 then. The former provides NY emcee Awon the perfect summery boom-bap beat (on a ‘funky country soul’-influenced tip!) over which he encourages

SMILE DAVIS: Made You Look (ULURU 005)(Vinyl 7″)

Smile Davis makes you look in a reggae hip-hop direction again with new Nas cheeky version, Made You Look. Yes, that will be a certain Nas acapella over a lively cut n paste reggae beat or, to put that in perspective, a song you all can very much step with. Admittedly not the first time said Nas ‘pella has been used and it certainly won’t be the last but runnin’ nonetheless. What’s that?

WOXOW: Chaos Remixes + Vinyl 7″

WOXOW:  Chaos RemixesYou may remember Chaos, the second single off Woxow’s debut LP Alcazar, not just as a conscious slice of boom-bap but also because the Italian producer managed to persuade not just rocksteady legend Ken Boothe to appear on it but also Akil from Jurassic 5 and Blurum 13 as well! With those sort of networking talents (alongside his knob-twiddling skills) it must have been no trouble at all