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THE HAWK: Listen Outside The Box LP

(PRESS RELEASE) Having previously garnered airplay with gorgeously ethereal debut single Candy Dream Dub on Rob Da Banks’ BBC Radio 1 show, Nerm spinning the B-side Puppets on the BBC Asian Network and none other than Steve Lamacq dropping the skankin’ breaks of last single Run Rudeboy, The Hawk (a.ka. Scott Milsom, bassist for critically-acclaimed UK funk heroes Big Boss Man) has finally made good on his promise to drop a full-length album…
Listen Outside The Box is a kaleidoscopic trip that whirls the listener through a rainbow of influences drawing from 60s psychedelia, electro and hip-hop. Opener Moon Goes Down is an infectious slice of St Etienne-style pop that showcases the sexy, breathy vocals of Hanayo while Run Rudeboy comes over like a crazy Brixton re-rub of Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life. New promo single Electric Boogaloo (number one in the monkeyboxing.com April buzz chart and described on the same site as a track that will, “have even the suits donning Pumas and getting out a mat”) is an uptempo, old-school floor-filler with electro synths, vocoder vocals, a killer b-line and a drum break to make even Thom Yorke smile and bust a windmill on the dancefloor. The acid swirls and insectoid drum patterns of It’s Not My Fault give way to a brace of summery downtempo gems Puppets and Travelling Light – again showcasing Hanayo. Wanna Be A DJ steps things back up several notches, riding a massive electro break and throwing up a synth storm as The Hawk pays homage to the old school grandmasters and takes a wry look at the bedroom-dj phenomenon. The mellow hip-hop bounce of Last Ones Standing is a uplifting tribute to perseverance and Love Among The Stars ends the album on a glorious Brazilian drum-n-bossa groove. It’s time to throw back the lid, release the beats and listen outside the box! The Hawk is back.

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Download Electric Boogaloo (192/320 kbps) / Watch video

THE HAWK: Electric Boogaloo (‘Listen Outside The Box’ LP promo single) Free download/ Video

Rating: ★★★★★

The tinny treble frequencies of those with ‘too-loud’ walkman headphones that used to bother the respectable train traveller have long been superseded by spotty hooded youths who eschew headphones completely and rape the ears of all and sundry with the tinny treble frequencies of their mobile phones. Older commuters must look with misty-eyed fondness on the days when the ghetto blaster was king and their breakfast-filled bowels were loosened by thunderous bass. Coincidentally, it is to this era that new Hawk track Electric Boogaloo harks back. Centred around the massive bongo-break from Sea Groove by UK mod-funkers Big Boss Man, it builds, drops out, chops back to the break and has plenty of time for insane fills and electro-style vocal cuts in a way that will have even the ‘suits’ donning Pumas and getting out a mat. Check the video directed by George Bowler and the download links…Out now on Greystone Records.
Download The Hawk – Electric Boogaloo (192 kbps) HERE
Download The Hawk – Electric Boogaloo (320 kbps) HERE
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