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CANTRIPS: For Private Use Only (Vinyl 7″)

CANTRIPS: For Private Use Only (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Some heavy new psych-funk coming out of Oz on For Private Use Only by Cantrips – a crew composed of band leader Patrick Ryan and like-minded members of both Karate Boogaloo and Surprise Chef. Unusually the name of the single isn’t the name of either of the tracks contained thereon for these are A-side The Prayer and B-side The Big Break. Both cuts were apparently


KERBSIDE COLLECTION: GlazeRating: ★★★★★ Ok, the monkey overlooked this one but it was for personal reasons so hopefully that’ll excuse the late coverage of Glaze from Aussie ensemble Kerbside Collection. And what Glaze is, is a slice of summery, funky library music-style groove. It says here, ‘Are you ready to sunbathe on the golden beaches of Queensland?’ but to be honest it’s the sun-drenched blacktop of


KARATE BOOGALOO: KB's Mixtape No. 2Monkeyboxing is a sucker for funky martial arts references so Karate Boogaloo were always onto a winner when they submitted their KBs Mixtape No.2, the sequel to last year’s …No. 1. This second ‘mixtape’ continues KB’s work of re-interpreting, “songs from the 80s that were sampled into your favourite hits,” (hip-hop hits, that is!) through the prism of the classic library music sound of KPM

SURPRISE CHEF: Blyth Street Nocturne

SURPRISE CHEF: Blyth Street NocturneYou might have thought Melbourne had already given more than enough to the world of contemporary funk and soul given the number of bands of that ilk hailing from there but it seems the city isn’t done just yet. Say hello then to Surprise Chef who enter the fray from the left field with the library music-inspired Blyth Street Nocturne the first taster from the band’s forthcoming debut


ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI:  Lost & FoundIf you dig Calibro 35, The Bongolian, Shawn Lee or any others who owe a debt to the great library music composers and performers of the sixties and seventies – indeed if you dig the funky back catalogues of library labels KPM and DeWolfe – you’re going to dig new Alessandro Alessandroni comp. Lost & Found. Put together by Four Flies Records, this collection gathers together fifteen

SKEEWIFF: Skeewiff vs. Amphonic (2013)

“Us? Let loose in the Amphonic vaults? With our reputation?…” Giving Skeewiff the keys to the vaults of Syd Dale’s Amphonic library music label was always going to be bit like a music production equivalent of parachuting Russell Brand into a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion. Skeewiff have made a more than decade-long career out of sampling decades old library music while Amphonic