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ICONS OF GHETTO FUNK 2013 Parts 1 & 2: Free download (2013)

I had been thinking this latest annual installment of the Ghetto Funk Icons series, Icons Of Ghetto Funk, was early. But then I checked and actually it’s later than the previous two years. And that’s not all that’s different. This time the icons they’re remixing aren’t the popular music giants of yore but some of the label’s own artists. Say what? Remixes of the Ghetto Funk back catalogue by

TOO MANY T’s: The T.P. Remixed (2013)

No wait! Stop – what are you doing! It’s good new party hip-hop – does it really need a ghetto-funk remi-…oh. Too late. In truth, there was never any chance of Too Many Ts not getting remixed by the Ghetto Funk crew – in this case WBBL, D:End, Lewd Behaviour, Tonic, BSide. And it’s every bit the grinding, snarling collection of hammer synths and crashing breaks you might expect. And then some

THE ICONS Vol. 3: Ghetto Funk Remixes (2012) Free download from 22 Dec. ’12

It’s the Ghetto Funk label’s third annual Icons outing here with The Icons: Vol. 3 as they let a platoon of producers loose on several decades of musical heritage each to rework the – er – work of a musical icon in their own inimitable ghetto funk style. Well, I say ‘ghetto funk’ style – the more nebulous ‘bass music’ moniker would be nearer the mark – but more about that in a sec. Perhaps the most